Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eternal Quest short story free during the month of May

This is my first and still favorite short story.

On its surface, this speculative fiction short story (7,800 words) deals with one man's obsessive quest for knowledge and the devastating price he must pay for the knowledge he ultimately acquires. Beneath the surface, this story is about deep friendships complicated by unrequited love, split loyalties, the interplay of id, ego and superego, (or Plato's appetites, reason and the spirited element that Freud "borrowed" and "re-labeled") and existentialist lessons learned much too late in life.
It is about looking for truth and meaning in all the wrong places and about the deep tragedy of misdirected efforts in the single-minded pursuit of all the wrong things. It is also about love, and the noble and often tragic self-sacrifice that true friendship requires, about the pain of unrequited love and split loyalties, and ultimately the very real tragedy of too many lives spent in the single-minded pursuit of lesser important things. Nothing else I have ever written since those happy, productive days as a college sophomore means more to me, and it remains little changed from the original.

Through the end of May 2015, you can download this short story free of charge here:
Smashwords - Eternal Quest. The short story will also be available for free download later this month at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Amazon and other leading retailers. I hope you enjoy it.

Also from Smashwords and other leading retailers:

Monday, April 13, 2015

April free short story download

My Mindscapes short story collection is now available as an audiobook through Audible and Amazon. The two shortest stories in that ten short story collection (Justice and The Riddle of the Sphinx: Solved) are currently available for free download from Smashwords in a variety of eBook formats and can also be downloaded free of charge from Barnes and Noble and iBooks. You can download a free copy by clicking on the Mindscapes link for the book here. 
The Mindscapes audiobook version is read by Dale Wilcox, but if you’d like a different (rough, unedited) audio version of my short story Justice read by me, you can access (an equally rough) YouTube book trailer by clicking on the Mindscapes link from my YouTube listings here.

Product DetailsProduct Details

A preview audio sample from the actual audiobook is available at Audible here.

Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories | [Victor D. Lopez]